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The Family Blog - Uploading history

It's me eating an ice cream - funny that one thing leads to another. This photo, as do all the others due to be uploaded, then triggers a memory. The memory in question is of ice cream

The ice cream in the photo is a FAB - strawberry / vanilla and the top covered in hundred and thousands.

Initially Lyons Maid ice cream marketed them in the sixties as the first ice cream for girls, promoted by Lady Penelope of Thunderbirds Fame.

By the seventies however anyone could enjoy this for a few pence as you can see. I am clearly happy! But heed warning from parents that if you eat it all too quickly you will be sick and yes you will not be able to eat supper.

Where they got their research from heaven knows.


Secondly another memory from this slide. In a box marked as miscellaneous. Not the situation but the small portion showing the car.

This has to be from late sixties. My brother and sister and my parents.Martins expression is priceless possibly due to waiting for his sister to get in the car or in questioning why his shorts have been pulled so high up.

That car with the two tone paint and rear winged lights I believe is the Morris Oxford Estate. I can never recall being in it when it was running on the road. So I guess the photo is pre-1970.

When it stopped working I have no idea but after it did it sat gathering dust in the garage in our house at 116 Barkham road till the late seventies. Where occasionally we would enter the garage to dodge the cobwebs and rusty tins of Castrol oil to sit in the driver's seat.

My mum eventually sold the car to Brian the handyman and his son. I remember them towing it out of the garage on to the gravel driveway and down the road. I wonder where it is now.

Till next time - Andy.

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