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The Family Blog - Uploading history

So before we begin the journey back in time I should identify the family members.

There are also a number of photos of my great grandmother but I will leave this to another post with ref: to Stockport as labeled on the box.

I also had a small amount of time to scan a few of the hundred of prints while I was at my mother's house and the following blog posts will feature some of these.

The Fairhursts at the family home. "Robinswood"

Left to Right

Robert & Marion Fairhurst with children

Diana , Richard aka my mum and Uncle.

Not forgetting "ianto" the Corgi.

Pronounced Yanto.


My Cousins - Samantha & Johnathan - seen here in the back garden of Robinswood

My elder brother and sister - Martin & Sarah.

I think the broken wrist was the result of trying to jump a fence on Scout camp.

Not content with this a few years later I decided to go one up and jump in front of a car resulting in a broken arm. Happy days.


Lastly me - Andy - on the beach in Salcombe Devon - The note on this slide states that I am "very Busy"

NB: Treacherous waters in the background - the small ferry to cross over scared the crap out of me and since then I remember my father repeating the phrase "it'll be alright on the boat"

Speaking of my father. Warren Arthur Middleton - Yes he is conspicuous in his absence.

There are some obscure out of shot images of him but from the photos my grandfather took he doesn't seem to be a favourable subject matter!

No worries as they say, If I find any that clearly identify him I will let you know.


I will put something together about the kit I use to upload and enhance the slides for the tech geeks.

The uploading continues for now


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