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The Family Blog - Uploading history

It has always been on my mind to upload the family albums from their original slide transparencies to the digital world.

In June this year I collected what was available from my mother and two further boxes from my uncle.

Upt to that point I had not given a thought to how large this task would be.

So the journey begins.

The majority of these slides have been taken by my maternal Grandfather. Robert Fairhurst in and around their family home in Prestbury. Gloucestershire. Numerous additional photos take us from holidays in Devon to Portugal and back to the UK.

They document the early memories of his own children, my mum and uncle as well as the first years of my own childhood where I have vivid memories of bowl-cut hairstyles and 70s nylon clothes.

Where possible the slides have been noted with relevant information in my grandfathers recognisable handwriting but some are a mystery and hopefully my guesswork will fill in the gaps.

Enjoy & rgds Andy.

Mrs Marion Fairhurst ( Nana ) & Tractor
Mr Robert Fairhurst ( Gramps ) in the garden


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